when pigs fly

We throw around the word “miracle” a lot. An underdog team pulls off the upset. A new diet pill helps you lose weight without even trying. A flight with engine trouble lands safely. But what about real miracles, when the truly impossible becomes reality? Do we really believe that can happen? For many of us, if we’re honest, the answer is “no.” We’d just as soon expect to see a pig fly. Around Jesus, though, it happened a lot. Eyesight to the blind. Diseases healed. The dead raised to life. Miracles happen. They still happen today. If we open our eyes, we might actually see the miracles God is doing around us, and if we have a little faith, we might even see one in our own lives.

This is a series about wonder and joy. We want to appreciate the fantastic, crazy, outlandish miracles that really happen and open our eyes to the miraculous work Jesus can do in our hearts. We want people who experience this series to release the cynicism they may not have even known they had and, maybe for the first time ever, truly believe that God stands ready to make some miracles happen.

Chalk it up to coincidence or luck if you want, but we think there’s something bigger going on when the impossible happens. Are you searching for hope? Are you waiting for a miracle in your life? Today might just be the day When Pigs Fly.