What is switch

SWITCH is the student ministry of Hope.Church. It is focused on youth (ages 6th - 12th grades) and is loaded with fast-paced worship, interactive activities, and video teachings to address the real issues that plague our kids each day.  

SWITCH provides a great place for students of like age to come together and hang out, develop some deep friendships, and encounter the Living God. 

We meet every Wednesday during the following times and location:

Doors open at 6:00pm

Pickup at 7:30pm

427 N. Jones. Ave., Cushing, OK 74023

what students

can expect

Come join a comfortable, safe, secure environment where you can come as you are. Fellowship with others while renewing your mind and spirit through worship and teaching. A few things you can look forward to:

  • A place to belong
  • Adult leaders who push students to grow closer to Christ
  • Opportunities to use their skills and gifts in real ministry
  • Worship experiences and teaching that is relevant to their lives

what parents

can expect

As a parent, you want your student connected to the heart of God. Pressure comes from all sides for students. It tells them to compromise. It takes their lives and tries to convince them the high school and middle school years are "practice" for real life. The problem is: this isn't practice, this isn't rehearsal, this is real life. The Switch Experience is built to challenge and lead students to move forward and take the next step in their relationship with Christ. We have a team of passionate volunteers who are fully equipped, ready and willing to walk alongside your students in order to accomplish this. You can anticipate:

  • Trained volunteers in a safe environment
  • Team leaders who know your child by name and pray for them during the week
  • Weekly resources to help during the spiritual walk
  • Leaders who are available to talk with you about your child’s spiritual development
  • Opportunities to serve and participate as a SWITCH team member